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  • Garnett Properties, LLC is committed to providing exceptional, customized commercial real estate services across all commercial property types and service lines. Garnett provides guidance in all aspects of the commercial real estate transactions, including brokerage, auction services, property management, financial analysis, tax abatement and customized consulting solutions. Whether you are looking to acquire, sell, lease, or develop commercial property, Garnett Properties can provide professional advice and market knowledge to help find the best solution for your commercial real estate needs.
  • Brokerage Services Garnett has access to market data, tools and peer professionals that will help facilitate your purchase, sale or lease transaction. Our goal is to maximize value for our client. We are committed personal service and total client satisfaction throughout the transaction process.
  • Auction Services Garnett can assist you in coordinating an auction of your property, if achieving the highest possible price for your property in the shortest amount of time is your priority.
  • Property & Facility Management Garnett will work closely with your management team to identify and develop a comprehensive property management program that meets your individual needs and goals.
  • Financial Analysis – Projections and Modeling Garnett’s services include the ability to provide clients with meaningful financial projections taking into account lease terms, expenses and taxes on both a cash and accrual basis over multiple years.
  • Tax Abatement / Tax Appeal Services Garnett has an excellent history of success in reducing property taxes due to overvaluation or incorrect assessment.

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